Sponsor a child in the UK

We regularly have our heartstrings pulled by images of child poverty from around the world – however the issue is much closer to home! 1 in 4 children in the UK are affected by poverty.

In our consumer-driven society, many children go hungry on a regular basis. They are cold in winter and many miss out on the benefits of education simply due to their lack of money.

A small sum of money can make a big difference. If you can sponsor a child with a regular donation, you can ensure that child won’t have to miss out on basic things.

Move the sliders to see how sponsored children are using the money

I bought a coat. Now I'm not cold when I get to school.
I bought some books and stationeryso I can do my work and not get a detention.
I bought some football boots.Now I can play in the school team.
I bought a train ticket to visit a university.Now I really want to apply for a place there.