Your questions answered

How much can I give?2018-10-05T13:51:23+01:00

£10, £20 or £50 per calendar month

What will my money buy?2018-10-05T13:39:03+01:00

All stationery items, clothing, shoes and sports equipment, books, feminine care products, any item that levels the field and helps young people achieve their potential.

Can I make a one-off donation?2018-11-05T22:14:06+00:00

Yes, of course. This will be held in Trust for the student.

There’s more information here.

Who decides how the money is spent?2018-10-05T14:05:42+01:00

The monies are held in Trust and requests come from schools, from the student, parent, guardian, social services. Funds are released to the school bursary at the end of each term.

What will I receive?2020-07-15T19:05:22+01:00

A small gold star to remind you of your student, a certificate of sponsorship and updates from the Charity, in the form of two Newsletters each academic year.  These twice yearly updates include comments from the pupils themselves and provide evidence that your donation is being well received and students are making academic progress.

Can I meet my student?2018-10-05T13:41:15+01:00

No, the sponsorship must remain totally confidential. The student and their family or carer knows they are being sponsored and someone else cares about their future. This makes the student very proud knowing this and helps them to focus on their future.

Can I send a gift?2018-10-05T13:40:35+01:00

All sponsorship is very confidential and small gifts can be sent, but contact the Charity and we can advise.

How long can I sponsor for?2018-10-05T14:04:40+01:00

We hope you will stay with us over a number of years. Students leave school and we can offer another student to be sponsored. The sponsorship finishes when the student reaches 18.

How much of my donation goes to help the student?2018-10-05T13:39:51+01:00

80p of every £1 goes to help.

I live outside the UK, can I still sponsor?2018-10-05T13:40:54+01:00

Yes, many of sponsors do live beyond the UK. Just call us and we can set up the details.

I have more questions2018-10-05T13:41:43+01:00

Contact us via email or phone to answer any further questions. Office hours 8am – 7pm